Can you identify with any of these hiring challenges?

  • Your mission-critical position has been open too long and you are losing revenue and efficiency.
  • Your personal performance is suffering because conducting the search on your own is a time-vacuum.
  • You're only seeing resumes of the unemployed, the unqualified, and the unhappy come across your desk.
  • The costs of a bad hire include more than just lost revenue.

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Job candidates have access to:

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Financial Advisors

Turning Point has placed hundreds of FINANCIAL ADVISORS over the last 18 years. During this time we have recruited high caliber, professional stockbrokers, branch managers, financial planners and other wealth management professionals to appropriate broker-dealers (independent as well as regional and wirehouse) , RIAs, banks and insurance company broker-dealers. There is no cost for our placement services to you and all inquiries are kept totally confidential.

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