The Importance of Selection

Many of the companies we encounter use an abbreviated search process that goes something like this: Identify a need, put together a brief job description, post it on the company website and on some job boards and other places like Craig’s List, receive one or more resumes of people who are unhappy and/or unemployed, interview […]

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Pop-Ups become Poop-outs

Too many times we see companies that hire advisors and other staff who just seem to “pop-up”. These are individuals whom you didn’t know previously but they have appeared on your doorstep looking for a position or a place to work without any notice. For some reason you hire them in short order.  Why? There […]

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Financial Advisor Recruiting Best Practices – Why Should I Join You?

Today’s environment for financial advisor recruiting is far different when I started 25 years ago. Information is far more available; financial advisors have many more choices; the regulatory environment makes it much more difficult to move; and everyone is after the same assets. Financial Advisors with assets are in demand and following Financial Advisor recruiting best […]

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More than Money – a Cautionary Tale of Poor Hiring

Let’s face it – every company has at least one. For the sake of this story, let’s just call him Billy – Billy the bad employee. Billy joined the firm last year with some nice credentials on his resume. He went to a good school and has worked for other quality firms (although for short […]

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Succession Planning Need to Know

Do You Have a Succession Plan In repeated studies that have been done by various custodians in the RIA market and broker dealers both on the independent as well as private client group sides of the market, succession planning has emerged as a MAJOR ISSUE for most financial advisors who have a mature practice. Generally […]

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