Financial Advisor Jobs

How We Will Work With You as Your Financial Recruiter to Find Perfect Financial Advisor Jobs

Financial Advisors Jobs Turning Point has placed hundreds of FINANCIAL ADVISORS over the last 18 years in Financial Advisor Jobs. During this time we have recruited high caliber, professional stockbrokers, branch managers, financial planners and other wealth management professionals to appropriate broker-dealers (independent as well as regional and wirehouse) , RIAs, banks and insurance company broker-dealers. There is no cost for our placement services to you and all inquiries are kept totally confidential.

We will work with you very much the same way as you work with your clients. The first step is to gather some information. We need to understand your current frustrations, goals, objectives, and the important characteristics you seek in the next firm with which you would affiliate.

Once we have the necessary information, we will search our extensive universe of broker-dealer, RIA and individual branch office opportunities — effectively do the “walking through the yellow pages for you” – and recommend several situations which will meet your needs. We will discuss these with you and decide from which firms you need more detailed information. These materials can be sent directly to you or forwarded through us if there is a special need for even more confidentiality.

After you have reviewed the information sent to you, we will discuss it with you, answer as many questions as we can, and then introduce you to the executive(s) of the firm(s) where you have the most interest. Throughout this process, our objective is to provide you with the most accurate and appropriate information we can and help you save time so that you can concentrate on your business and your clients.

And as your financial recruiter we will provide that objective sounding board for you and that all important communication link through which sensitive issues and special requests can be funneled.

Independent Financial Advisor Jobs

Each year we talk to many Financial Advisors in the Securities industry who are looking to change their Broker-Dealer. To date, we have placed hundreds of financial advisors and wealth management professionals..

So…What’s “Going Independent” All About?
Independent Financial Advisor Jobs provide…


I cannot express to you the joy and the increase in quality of life that I have found since leaving the wirehouse world…

Shane Merritt, Branch Manager
Merritt Capital Management

It’s about working the way you want, where you want and with whom you want.

Financial Advisor Opportunities

If you are interested in “going independent” or changing your financial services firm, please call us at 813-475-5525 so that we can discuss your needs and come up with some appropriate alternatives. With over 18 years experience placing financial advisors and wealth management professionals with various firms, we can introduce you to some unique opportunities:

For example:

  • Companies with deferred compensation or profit sharing
  • Producer groups that provide marketing programs
  • Independent broker-dealers that offer transition funding
  • Broker-dealers with 95 percent or better pay outs on investment advisory services
  • Firms with proprietary research in mutual funds, asset allocation and stocks
  • Firms that work with financial advisors on an annual flat fee basis
  • Firms offering equity participation via options or common and preferred stock
  • Firms specializing in stocks and bonds and transactional business
  • Broker-dealers that are successful with large producer groups
  • A firm with 14 years experience in hedge funds that will create your own fund of funds
  • Broker-dealers that are friendly to placing assets at Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, & Pershing or RBC
  • Firms with lower ticket charges and monthly fees
  • Firms with Syndicate offerings, IPOs, and market making capabilities

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