Pop-Ups become Poop-outs

Too many times we see companies that hire advisors and other staff who just seem to “pop-up”. These are individuals whom you didn’t know previously but they have appeared on your doorstep looking for a position or a place to work without any notice. For some reason you hire them in short order.  Why?

There are a few reasons for this: 1) You have no idea whom you are looking to hire so why not?  It’s a warm body. You’ve got an empty desk.  2) You are behind on your recruiting/hiring for the year and this seems pretty convenient. 3) He/she has a sad story to tell and you feel sorry for them. 4) You like the person.

It’s a sad fact that 9 out of 10 “pop-ups”, these people described above, become “poop-outs”, meaning that they will take a lot of your time, not be particularly productive and end up costing you money.

Recruiting is very much like marketing your own business. You have to have a plan; you have to execute the plan; and you have to do it consistently every day.  Somebody said many years ago that “recruiting is like shaving – you need to do it every day.”

So to prevent this expedient hiring from happening, the first thing to do is to have a strategic hiring plan for your business. Know that there will be a certain amount of attrition every year for one reason or another and plan for it. Define what type of individuals you need and create specific profiles of these people.   That way when someone pops up you can compare him/her against the profile, against your benchmark. If you have a number of staff you may want to do formal assessments on each employee and create a benchmark for the type of individual who works best within your organization. We do that for some of our clients.

Secondly, do a little recruiting everyday to prevent getting behind. Talk to a couple of clients about the type of people you want to hire. Talk to some of your centers of influence, CPAs, attorneys and other who can refer potential employees to you. Keep a database of prospects so that when the need arises to hire, you will be ready and have a “little black book” of prospects to call. Prioritize them if you have enough information.

Next, don’t get emotionally involved with someone you are considering hiring. While they may have a sad story to tell about their last place of employment or their family situation, this has nothing to do with your business plan. You are in business to make a profit. People who are needy will drag you down.

Lastly, don’t make the mistake of deciding whether you like someone too early in the process. Compare their credentials and their track record of success to your needs; qualify them in terms of their ability to do the job. Then, and only then, decide whether you like them.  Otherwise, your interview process will be colored by your opinions. If you like someone too soon, you will justify every reason to hire him.

So..Beware the “pop up.” Good hiring and recruiting takes a plan and consistent implementation. You will reap the rewards.

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